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28th - Copeland
12th - Mono Cliffs
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26th - Forks of the Credit
3rd - Albion Hills

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I just wanted to send a note to thank you guys for an awesome summer of paddling adventures. I've never been camping or canoeing before and I've absolutely loved every trip I've been on with you, it's so great to be able to share the experience with my dog. Colleen more>


For our American Friends



What a great weekend! Thanks to all who made it possible, especially ourguide Donna...fabulous!

Missi, who's not a fan of water, seemed to make an exception when it came to canoeing...she seemed to really enjoy it!

Rosie and I went on one of your trips and had a fabulous time. She was hiking, swimming and playing....she was sooo worn out! Thanks for a great time!


Hi Kathryn,

I'd like to thank you for a fantastic outing. Amy, myself, and of course Oliver had a fantastic day out. Peter was amazing. He was very passionate about photography and dogs. The food was excellent and your staff where so friendly and outgoing. The highlight of the trip was seeing Oliver interact with all the other dogs there. He really impressed us with the leash less hike. We gave him an opportunity to be free and he loved it.

This is definitely an experience we will do again. I would recommend this to any dog lover.

Thanks again,

Jeff Brasil

Thank you Kathryn.

After seeing those pictures I spent half an hour day dreaming about that day and being outdoors.... It was the best treat for Michelle, Lea/dog and myself so far this month.

Greatly appreciated!


Hey Kathryn -

We did the Rain Lake thing this weekend and, as usual, loved it!!! Donna was awesome as always - the weather was wonderful and the food was excellent. And, most important, we remain committed Dog Paddling Adventurers :-). Now... on to preparing for North Tea next week - and we can't wait! Please try to arrange good weather for it like you did for Rain Lake.

Jen, Mini, and Cooper

Hi Guys,

Back home from Rain Lake, and what a great weekend! Donna was excellent, can't say enough about her - what a great cook.

So glad we went, can't wait to do Rain Lake again next year!

Roland Sheaves


Clara and I had a great time on our trip. Karen and Rob were great guides. I think my favorite part as being able to swim with my dogs in such a clean and beautiful lake.

Thanks again for the wonderful adventure!


Hi Kathryn!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! We had a wonderful time on our canoe trip Sunday as always. We had a lot of first-timers out there and Kelly and Donna were great. We have had some interest in possibly doing
another one day paddle in September.


Nicole Schiro


Maddie and I just wanted to thank you all for a great weekend on the trip we just took! It was great fun, and a great experience for us both. It's been a long time since I've portage camped, and have never done it with a dog, so this was a really well organized and easy way to do so. I hope Mad and I have a few more trips ahead of us, as Mad now seems to think life in the suburbs is so boring.

Please thank Donna for being a guide who made things go smoothly while having a great sense of humour and being a lot of fun to be around!

Hope all at DPA have a wonderful summer!

Cindy and Mad

Okay, the day wasn't looking too promising. We were on 400 north driving through Port Severn and the rain hadn't stopped. So do we call and cancel or do we go further and see if the rain is letting up. Ah, let's go ahead. 30 Minutes have passed and we're still in torrential down pour, do we still go on. Yep and we arrive in a light sprinkling of rain to 7 more enthusiastic(or crazy) novice paddlers and their extremely excited dogs. We were met by the group leaders with encouragement that the day will get better and that it's merely impossible to get only 1/2 wet on a dog paddling adventure. That set the tone for the day, rain or shine we were doing it. At first Murphy(my yellow lab) was reticent to put on the life jacket, but after I told him that all the other dogs were wearing them and they were a fashion statement he seemed to be okay with that. I even sported mine to show him how cool you look with one on.

We headed to the lake with paddle in hand and paddling partner and dog in tow. After our instructions on how to get into the boat first as humans and then with our dogs we were ready to start. I've paddled before but it was my first time with a dog in a canoe. I felt better when we were told that if the dog wanted out of the canoe let them and they'll swim to shore where we can pick them up. At first Murphy was shaking, breathing heavy, droolingm, leaning up against me, all the signs of being stressed out but after lunch he and the rest of the dogs were old hands at the canoe thing and you rarely saw the tops of their heads because they were lying on the bed of the canoe.

It had been raining so hard that week and the water was so high that we were able to paddle over a beaver dam. Now when do you get to do that. My paddle partner was great. Her pup (Dingo) really enjoyed diving out of the canoe and getting back in, diving out of the canoe and getting back in. By lunch we had a very good routine going although we took on a lot of water and had to bale it out each time we stopped. Lunch was wonderful. Of course anytime you can eat outside is a good day and the lunch menu was great. For the rest of the afternoon we spent paddling around the serene, glass like water and enjoying our surroundings.

All in all, the day turned out to be amazing. The group leaders were marvellous and made the day easy and stress free.

Thank you for a wonderful outing,
Murphy & Judith

P.S. Thank goodness for alphalpha sprouts!!!

To all who make these trips happen,
I just wanted to say thanks for a great day on Saturday, Mad and I could not possibly find a better way to spend a day.

A safe, relaxed, and extremely fun little adventure, what more could a dog and owner ask for? The fact that aided by her life jacket Maddie finally learned to swim was an absolute bonus. Thanks Eren for inspiring us to “jump in the lake” clothes and all, otherwise Mad would still not have experienced the joy of swimming.

I will definitely be looking to try have a few more outings with Dog Paddling Adventures, as I’m sure will some of my friends after I relay ourexperience.

Thanks again,
Cindy (and a still happy and tired Maddie)

Summer 2009

Hi -
I just wanted to send a note to thank you guys for an awesome summer camping and paddling with Dog Paddling Adventures. I've never been backcountry camping or canoeing before and NEVER thought I would enjoy it. But I've absolutely loved every trip I've been on with Dog Paddling and it's so great to be able to share the experience with my dog. I also really appreciate how accomodating you were with my food allergies, keeping the trips I went on nut free, and even packing Benadryl and an Epipen for each trip, just in case.
Our last trip on August 28-30 at Rain Lake in Algonquin Park was an absolutely fantastic trip. I can't say enough about what a phenomenal guide Donna was. From her energy, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and open fire cooking, she provided an entire camping experience. It rained, and rained, and rained on our trip, but even the rain couldn't dampen our fun - by far the best trip of the summer!
Sofie and I can't wait for next summer to get back out camping with you guys, and we'll definitely be signing up for some Fall hikes.
Thanks again,

We've just returned from a 3 day canoe trip in the Haliburton Islands with Donna leading a crew of 8 people and 11 pups. It was FABULOUS!!! Honestly... There was a perfect balance of food, activity and relaxation. The food was truly wonderful and plentiful, the activities were fun and not overly stressful and most importantly my little ones had a fabulous time. Both of
them learned to swim!!! We enjoyed every second of the trip and I cannot wait to book our next adventure. We look forward to reviewing the 2010 calendar.
Many, many thanks to Donna and the rest of our crew for creating such a
wonderful weekend!!!

Gwen, Oscar & Beckay

Hi guys -

We just did the Rain Lake trip this past weekend. On the Saturday, it was a torrential downpour of rain almost the entire day. So, I'm saying this despite the worst weather ever: I had an awesome time!! I have to give a lot of credit to Donna for that - she is so completely terrific - I just would never be able to say enough about her!!! My fellow campers were super - and all of the dogs behaved exactly as I'd want them to on a camping trip (if anything, the only slightly annoying dog was my own :-).

Thanks for hosting my camping trips this year - and I'll definitely be back for more next year!


Thank you so very much Karen, what an incredible guide you are! Thank you for everything, I truly had an amazing adventure.
If at all possible could you forward my email address to our fellow camp mates so they can forward me the pictures from our trip.
Best regards,


Just wanted to let you know what a great time Rosita and I had on the Killarney four-day trip. I finally made it up to Silver Peak (third time lucky).
Donna was as always an exellent trip leader and chef. The site on Clear Silver was one of the nicest I've been to and the portage was fine - fairly flat and not too many rocks, etc. The entire trip was excellent in terms of dogs - minimal time in a canoe and lots of hiking (including the portage) and swimming.

Four days is a perfect length trip - you get to relax and enjoy the area. I would definitely do this trip again next year if you run it again. Rosita also gives it a two-paws up.

Looking forward to the fall hiking season and hope all is going well with you.

Karen & Rosita

Spring 2009

Thanks again for a great weekend! The hike was perfect in every way.

Thanks for everything that you all do!
Jim Dempster

Hi Kathryn, I just wanted to send a big thank you for a fantastic hike at Pigeon River yesterday. I really appreciate that you guys made the hike entirely nut free for me and even had a spare Epipen on hand! It was Sofie's first hike (and first experience off leash) and I think she had the best day of her life! I've attached a couple of pictures that show just how much fun she had :-)

Thanks again for a great hike!

As usual, Bear and I had another great time during the hike yesterday at Forks of the Credit. We drove all the way back to Ohio Sunday and Bear was asleep for almost the entire trip home. We are both still very tired, but look forward to our next trip. The beautiful scenery made for some great portraits.

Thanks again!
Jim Dempster & Bear

Good Evening Kathryn, Here are some pictures from today's hike. I have to say it was one of the best hikes I have been on. All the dogs were great and the people too. The weather was beautiful.

Have a great night.
Sherry and Kenda!

Winter 2009

Dear Kathryn

I just wanted to let you know that Tino, Honey and I had such a wonderful time today. Thank you. The hostesses, the people and the dogs were fantastic. Donna, what amazing person you have found. Her ability to guide, to express her love of what she does and the desire to lead her team both humans and dogs are amazing. We loved our morning hike. Can I tell you how much we loved the lunch? This much......Soup was fantastic....sandwich, buns is always a bonus. But to top it of with buns and cookies....Well, who doesn't need an extra hike in the afternoon, whether it being human or animal? The three of us enjoyed it imensely...so much that I can't get Honey out for her last walk (which is all of 5 minutes....tops)

Again, thanks for a job well done.

Saundra, Tino and Honey, who is so beat right now....

Fall 2008

 Hi Kathryn and Eren,  
Thank you for sending the photos, and putting a couple on your web site. And yes we both had a great time. Chelsea was so wiped she crashed as soon as we got home. I really think you guys have a great concept and business model and it shows you (all 3 of you) truly love your work...very cool.

I really enjoyed meeting pietr and learning from him and can't wait to see the photo he took.  Also very interested in the "teach your dog not to capsize a canoe clinic" also. If that goes well would love to try a camping trip too.

So once again, thank you very much for the awesome time.
gerry & chelsea

My sister and I were on your women's retreat on Aug 30-Sept 1st, 2008, and we had an absolutely incredible time! It was our first time doing a canoeing trip, and Dana was a fantastic guide; she was an integral part of making it a perfect weekend!!! She really encouraged us to discover our potential, and gave us the chance to experience things that we wouldn't have experienced on
our own (i.e. paddling, portaging, and the thunderbox). We also came to the realization that we aren't as lazy as we thought we were, ha ha! We will definitely be coming back for another trip next summer! What a great experience!!!

Thank you!!
Ashleigh & January (Lola & Lily) 

Summer 2008

Hi Kathryn,

I just wanted to say that I had such a great time on the trip! The weather was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for any better. Linden had so much fun as did all the dogs and, of course, the rest of us. I swear he was exhausted for days afterwards. And I have to say that Don was so good. He was patient and took the time to teach me how to canoe. Which I really appreciated. Granted, I still can't go in a straight line when I'm canoeing by myself. But hey, it's a start. And the food that he made was so good. I was in awe of his campfire cooking skills. I can't wait to see the photos he took. I'm already planning to do the same trip next year!

Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Hi Kathryn:  I just want to thank you for providing the service you did as Marzie and I truly enjoyed our time in Algonquin.  Please, once again, forward my deepest gratitude to Don for his leadership, cooking and great sense of humour along the way.  I am a better person in having met him.

Thank you and I look forward to other trips,

Here are some pictures I took this past weekend, thought you may like to see them... It was amazing time, great weather, great guide and an amazing group of people. 
We even made a new friend, George, our turtle!

Sherry and Kenda!

 I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful trip. kinsy and I had a great time and enjoyed the water, scenery and of course company! Don was a great guide and everything was relaxed and easy going.I don't think kinsy was dry for a single second - the minute she stepped out of the car she was in the water and she came home slopping wet! I had no expectations going into the trip because to be honest I had never camped in Algonquin (or been there!) or camped with my dog let alone other dogs! I found the experience to be both relaxing and wonderful and I think Kinsy didn't want to come home! We were the last ones to leave the meeting point coming home because Kinsy was still fetching and swimming in the water. 

We would definitely do it again!

We had a fantastic time! Don was a terrific guide. He was really laid-back but also knowledgeable about Algonquin Park and nature. He did a great job accommodating all the people and dogs. The campsite was fantastic. So beautiful. Too bad the weather wasn't quite hot enough for swimming, but that's ok. We absolutely loved watching Ophelia play with the other dogs and leaving her off leash for a whole weekend was wonderful. We were surprised at how well she did and only wish we could take her on adventures like this more often. The food was very good and I appreciate that you were able to accommodate my pregnancy by giving me alternatives to deli meats and the water pump instead of the iodine drops for the water. We had a great trip and hope to come back next year! Thanks so much.

Hi Donna,

I just wanted to thank you for a most amazing week-end!  You were the perfect guide and Beth, Tracy and I had a blast!  As did Cali, Orbit and Rocket!
You totally made the trip fun. The food was amazing, and the company was amazing. Quite honestly, your coffee far surpasses Timmy's. Your pancakes beat the Golden Griddles. You very much made this week-end special for all of us. I hope if we do it again, you are our guide! You truly made it a very memorable week-end and one I won't forget for a very long time.
Thank you so very much!  Give Rosie a big hug for me.  Cali very much enjoyed looking for chipmunks and red squirrels with her. 
Thanks again,
Diane and Cali

Hi Kathryn!
Nash and I had a great time this weekend! Thank you for accommodating my diet - I was never hungry. You were so kind!

Please tell Eren I REALLY appreciate the tip about the long/silk underwear under the rain gear. Donna was terrific! She was laid back and easy going. A really great guide. She did say she's never seen a torrential down pour like that during a camping trip in a LONG time. Still we had a great time and I always appreciate that Nash gets worn out - it's really hard to wear out an Aussie.

Thanks again for another great adventure!

Hi there,

We really enjoyed our first time out with Dog Paddling Adventures today! We didn't want it to end  - could have paddled another hour maybe to see more of the lake, or have another stop somewhere along the way :-) .

Food was good and healthy ( loved the sprouts! ). Lake was beautiful.

Our tiny dog JoJo was carried half the time, but she is still "dog tired" now. Thanks for letting us bring her ( even though she's not a "real" dog ).
And thank you to our gracious guides ( my god is Donna ever strong! ) - we enjoyed their company and tips on canoeing.

Bethany and Nicolas

Winter 2008

My sister and I, (and the dogs of course) had a great day. The weather was perfect and there was tons of snow! The stew for lunch was very tasty...yumm.

Happy March Break, and thanks for another fun trip!

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful day. Pebbles and I really had an amazing time snowshoeing today. I was shocked to see Pebbles keeping up with the big dogs.

After a wonderful day today, Pebbles and I are really looking forward to the 2 spring hikes that I have booked.

Thanks so much for sending those pics!!!! I still have to get mine up on the computer and I will def send along the ones worth sending.

We had an absolute blast on the trip and it was so cool to see the dogs having more fun than we were.  Lincoln loved every minute of it and made a best friend in Cooper, a golden retriever with SAME exact birthday!!!  I can't say enough good things about everyone involved in the trips.  They
were all so nice and helpful and fun to be around.  It was so nice to meet everyone and spend time and get know more about them and Canada as well, since this was my first time there.  We will def be looking into more events in the future.

Thanks for such a wonderful time, we made some great memories there.  The dog treats and pillow/blanket were great touches and truly appreciated.  We brought the rest of the treats home so Lincoln can continue to enjoy them!!

And just to let you know, the Holiday Inn was terrific and very accomodating to the dogs.  Lincoln got to meet the general manager and told him how happy we were to be staying there.  The staff was great and everything worked out perfectly!!!

Thanks again and we will stay in touch!!!
Mandy, Dan, and Lincoln

Thanks you soooooo much for the trip and the pictures!! I had the BEST time! You'll be seeing us again soon.

Hello Eren and Kathryn,
Thank you so very much for an amazing day yesterday! Skijoring with our dogs was an experience we truly enjoyed. Your help and experience was essential to our success and we thank you for that. Niko and Lennon were wiped all last night and continue to sleep today. They took to the experience and as a result we will be looking into some used skis at the end of the season and probably contacting you to invest in some harnesses and other equipment. Hopefully the rest of your season goes as well as yesterday. If you could send us any pictures that were taken yesterday, that would be great and we would be very grateful.
Hopefully we will be seeing you again sometime soon!
Rebecca, Jason, Niko & Lennon :)

 Hi Kathryn!

What a day!  Thank you soooooooo much for a fantastic day out on the trails!  Raven and I couldn't have had any more fun! We are pooped!  The staff are wonderful and everything was perfect!  Thanks to such a great day, we decided that since we already ski, we would love to purchase the harness for Raven, skijoring line and skijoring belt for me! 
We are definitely recommending your excursions to EVERYONE we know!  We can't wait to sign up for the next one! I haven't laughed that much in a long time!
Thanks again for an incredible day!
Kerri and "Raven" Francoeur

Fall 2007

 I love what Dog Paddling Adventures is all about...and my dog Tyler agrees, paws up!
Our first hiking experience with this group was on November 17th of this year at Albion Hills. Tyler and I had a great time as the weather was perfect and the company of dogs and their owners,and the hiking guides,and Baby William were memorable, and enjoyable.

Thank you for this wonderful adventure!
Brigita & Tyler

Hi Kathryn,

Just want to say thank you for the wonderful hike. It was a true adventure as we walked up the river bed.
I know you read the emails. Could you please pass this thank you to Eren and Kevin.
See you again November 11
Thank you so much for a great day of hiking at Pigeon River Conservation area.  This site is perfect for the dogs to run around and play.  The open forest floor is super.  Saturday was a great day for hiking and Pigeon River's canopy kept us dry and warm.  The colours couldn't have been better and the smell of the new fallen leaves permeated our senses as we shuffled through them.  This is a wonderful area for the pups to keep cool by taking many dips in the frigid river and not to mention a great escape for the owners.  My hat off to you for "getting us lost", well worth the side trip.
Another terrific day planned by Dog Paddling Adventures,
Murphy & Judith

Summer 2007

We just wanted to send everyone at Dog Paddling Adventures an email to say how much we loved the Rain Lake trip. It was our first experience canoeing and camping and we had a great time (everything was made so easy for beginners like us!) Leah was a fantastic leader and made it a really fun, relaxing and memorable experience. We loved the campsite - the sunrise over Rain Lake was gorgeous and the dogs enjoyed the hikes and playing in the water. We liked the gourmet dinners provided and had fun sitting round the fire toasting marshmallows at night. It was well worth the 12 hour road trip from Elgin, IL to Algonquin Park, ON


- we just wish we were a little closer so that we could come more often!

Thanks to all of you!

Ash, Shalini, Sherman and Millie



Hi Kathryn,
Thanks so much for the pictures!  It's so nice to have such wonderful memories captured.

It sure was a great trip and Molly and I thought Leah was an amazing guide.  Leah always had a smile for us and all the dogs no matter how disgusting we looked or how horribly we behaved. She took excellent care of everything I could imagine and even a few things I wouldn't have imagined. Meals were yummy and served up at just the right moment.  Leah's great dog sense was very reassuring and I really enjoyed learning about dog behaviours in a new light.  Molly and I look forward to taking part in another trip - we definitely don't want this to be a once in a life time experience.

Take care and happy paddling!
Melissa Murray

Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for the photos. Dagny and I had a wonderful time on the canoe trip - she was one pooped little puppy when we got home! Please pass on our thanks to Leah for being such a great guide (and one great cuddler according to Dagny!).
Thank again - we'll see you soon.
Sue and Dagny

Hi there:

We just got back from our trip - we had a great time and kudos to Leah - she is a great guide and made the whole trip really fun and laid-back. 

Helen & Robert

We had a blast at the August 9-11 "Women's Retreat at Algonquin Park"! We sure enjoyed the hiking and the playing!  But we could have done without that canoe.  You can barely lean over and get a drink in those things.  We also enjoyed meeting all those other Dogs.  They were GREAT!
 As I remember the bums I sniffed I want to say WOOF! to: Hunter and Reg (all the way from New Jersey!), Kobe, Sienna, Jasmine (stay out of our tent, Jasmine!), Murphy-The-Mounter and Carly who, much like Marlene Deitrich, just wanted to be alone.  And all the Moms were great, too!
They all wanted to take my buddy, Orbit, home with them even though Orbit barks at everthing.  That's because Orbit is a suck-up.  And they called me (Rocket) the "Diva Dog" because I am Special.

And the food!  WOW!  We almost NEVER get people food at home, but there was something called "leftovers" and that was for DOGS ONLY!  There was"leftovers" almost every night, so we were very happy with that.  Even at lunch we got some cheese.  CHEESE! 

I think my people enjoyed themselves.  We came with Beth and Tracy, who are sisters.  They loved the swimming and they really liked that canoe thing, and the hiking, and the bushwacking.  And we all thought our guide, Leah, was THE BEST!  She was always happy to give us a pat and a treat.  And she is one of the few people Orbit and I know that can howl!
Mom was very excited about something called "chocolate fondue" that was after dinner one night.  All the Moms were excited about that.  After everone had their fill, Leah almost ate ALL of it (no "leftovers" of that for good dogs, apparently), but she didn't and there was some for pancakes on Sunday morning.  There were no "leftovers" of those, either. Mom said they were the "best pancakes she's ever had".  She certainly ate enough of them.

Our Moms loved all the pictures that Leah took of the group and of us. Thank you, Leah, for keeping all The Moms in line and for taking care of all us Dogs!  I heard Tracy and Beth say they might do this again next year. Maybe my girlfriend, Cali, can come with us.  Maybe Orbit and I will decide to swim then.  I'll think about it.

Rocket "Diva" Rodda
(on behalf of Beth Rodda, Tracy Dearling and That Orbit)

Hi, Just a big thanks for a memorable day.  You guys run a fabulous operation.  I am so amazed at how smooth everything went from the last minute booking and paperwork to the small things, like where the bathrooms are.  I look forward to paddling with you guys in the future!!!   
Also, great job at Totoredaca park, Maggie and I had alot of fun there as well.  Please keep in touch with future venues.  Best of wishes to all, especially Jessie, what a way to celebrate a birthday.  :-)
Shelley and Maggie

Hi Kathryn and Eren,

I want to express my satisfaction. First, I want to thank you for being flexible to accommodate my last minute request to participate. Second, I have to say you guys did an excellent job in organizing the Rain Lake trip this past weekend. Shamoo and I had a great time, and will be back for more.
Leah, our guide, has a great laid-back personality and created a very relaxing atmosphere. A lot of things happened at a very leisurely pace. Her cooking skills were also awesome, and the food she created was picture perfect, delicious, and plentiful. It was wonderful to have enough food for some leftovers for the doggies. She explained things well, organized us with great patience, and miraculously packaged things to fit in the bags and canoes. Leah's level of experience and confidence were very reassuring.
The location, Rain Lake, was also great. Clean water to swim in, nice campsite with lots of room and far away from other campsites so our sometimes noisy dogs did not disturb others.
The trip was a wonderful experience.
Thank you,

We arrived home today and we are still very tired for the Haliburton Highlands trip! We had a great time as usual. Thanks to you all for a wonderful time, but especially to Donna who did an amazing job of everything including cooking (the blueberry pancakes were delicious).

Jim Dempster & Bear

Hi Jessie,

Want to let you know we had a great time. Everything was great, and big thanks to Donna who make it happen.

She's not only a great troop leader, she is a great cook. Who would have known that such great meals can be prepared on an open fire, out in the wilderness?

Joey had the greatest time of his life and now resting comfortably, recouping from his exhausting adventure. When the other dogs ran out of energy on the second day, Joey kept going strong right till the end. Unpacking we discovered a pillow that does not belong to us. It is black with a yellow logo "outbound" on the cover. I think it may belong to Elizabeth since I

Thanks again to the entire group. I will be talking about it telling everyone I know with dogs about the great time we had.

Joey, Nancy & Pierre

Hi Kathryn,

Just to let you know we had a blast today.  Cali had so much fun as did I!

Cali rolled in the green sludge (pollen I think) and it smelled just disgusting.  She loved it.  She rolled in mud too and dug holes in the dirt.

She played with the other dogs and amused herself. She also ran in to the lake several times.  She certainly has come a long way since her first hike in the fall.

She was really good in the canoe.  Her first time in a boat. Cali and I canoed with Kevin and Jessie.  It was a truly fun and tiring day.  I was unsure if I would go because I have bronchitis and the doctor told me to rest for a week or so.  Glad I didn't listen to the doctor.

Truly a fun day. How wonderful that I discovered your organization.  Cali has now done three Dog Paddling Adventures and we are both looking forward
to the women's retreat!

Thanks so much,
Diane and Cali

Hi Kathryn,
I just wanted to let you know that we went on the McCrae lake trip yesterday and had a great time! Donna and Leah were awesome- very patient and flexible- and the area was so beautiful. We were really impressed by how well the dogs adapted to the canoe and how much fun we all had! I was hoping you could email me the pictures that Donna took when you get them or forward
her my email address. I can't wait to see them!

Thanks for the opportunity to experience something that I'm sure we never would have- I wouldn't be suprised if we ended up booking a camping trip through you later this summer!

Jen Biasillo

Spring 2007

That was just awesome...I know this was Koda's abolute best day of his life. It was such a treat to see him be "a dog" and thankyou for enabling that.

Both Eren and Kevin were a wonderful calm for a very worried Mom. It was a beautiful site. I would like to thank you for your care and advice too.

Koda is pooped, he is still asleep and very stiff. Once he recovers somewhat we will be right out there again........you and the team are amazing.

Take care

Winter 2007

Hi Kathryn,

I couldn't decide on just one photo, I'll just have to buy all of them. Peter has managed to capture a few of Lola's sweetest expressions, ones I have yet to capture myself.

Thank you again for a fun day of hiking and photography. A big Thank You to Peter as well, he showed such patience and kindness throughout the entire day, what a great soul he is.

You know, Lola was motoring full speed ahead the entire day, don't think she stoped once for a rest. You should have seen her on the car ride home, she was passed out cold. It gave me great pleasure to see that she had such a wonderful time.

All the best to you!
You will probably see the both of us again soon.
Heather & Lola

Hi Kathryn:
I just thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed the beginner Skijoring session at Seneca College last Saturday.  I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life and neither have Fez and Rusty. They actually fell asleep in the bathroom before we left while I was changing into dry clothes.  They conked out in the car and went to bed when we arrived home without wanting dinner.  I wasn't much better.
It was a great day though and though I felt a little out of my league as far as skiing went I really had a great time and thought the whole day was wonderful.  The dogs got along great and though mine didn't quite understand what pulling was I think they might have been catching on at the end. 
The lunch was great, Donna, Eren and Kevin  were great too. Sorry if I got names wrong I'm pretty hopeless these days remembering anything. I just thought I'd let you know that your organization is really terrific and it's such a great concept to be with really dog friendly people who understand the nature of dogs.
I'll look into a spring hike and maybe even a canoeing adventure.  I need to figure out how to get the dogs to paddle!

Anyway, thanks again for a really enjoyable, though very tiring, day.

Terry Bannerman,Fez and Rusty

Fall 2006

Hi Kathryn, I wanted to convey to you and the team what a terrific time I had on Saturday.  The weather couldn't have been better, the Dog Paddling team were wonderful and Claudia was inspiring.  The grounds of King City are amazing.  You feel so completely away from the craziness of city life and yet it was only 45 minutes away from the house. Hard to believe. Murphy enjoyed it so much he slept the whole way home and couldn't raise enough energy to have his favourite chew at 8pm.  A definite sign that we will be back.
I certainly will be recommending your adventures to my friends and look forward to signing up for more.
Thank you,
Murphy and Judith

Hi Kathryn,

Just wanted to let you know that the workshop on Saturday was just incredible.  I had no idea what a complex dog Dupont was, it was so wonderful for me to hear he was happy and knew how much I loved him.  I can hardly wait to do it again, if you guys offer it next year.

                                         Joan Groulx 

Good Morning

I just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our hike yesterday -  one tired puppy on the drive home & I'll tell ya I slept pretty good myself last nite  LOL. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and both Leah and Kevin were  the perfect hosts,  it was a wonderful day & so much more than I expected.   

We are both looking forward to partaking in more walks in the woods and just wanted to let you know that if someone should cancel for the Albion Hills ( Nov 18th) walk we would love to take part.

Thank you very much for an enjoyable day.  You have most certainly met your goal in providing a wonderful day spent with our special companions.  Keep up the excellent work.


Chris & Levi
Port Colborne Ontario

Summer 2006

Jessie and the Gang,
Thank you so much for the Dog Photography Workshop and Hike. There is no greater sense of belonging: being with fun Canadians who love dogs, hiking, and photography! You guys put on a great Workshop, despite the weather.

Thank you again, I hope to see you all in the future.

Arie & one tired Moxie

Kathryn and crew:

Thanks so much for the wonderful day on Sunday.  Dusty enjoyed the other dogs (alas, I couldn't get her in the water), I enjoyed learning to paddle and the scenery was absolutely spectacular!  The day was very well-planned and enjoyable.  I know you didn't have any control over the weather, but that was perfect too! ;-)  I appreciated the cheerful instruction from the guides - in no time at all I was paddling like a pro!  I have only one complaint: there wasn't enough canoeing!  So perhaps next time I'll go on one of the 'intermediate' adventures.
As a vegetarian, I have to add: the snacks and lunch were delicious and I appreciated the veggie lunchmeat that was available for the wraps.  It's rare to find such careful attention to those details in a group meal, but your team pulled it off!
The verdict is one thumb and one paw up!  It was a terrific experience and I hope to go on another 'adventure' in the future.
Please pass my appreciation on to your  wonderful guides for their warm welcome and for making the day so special for us.
Jayme & Dusty

Hi Kathryn,

We had a blast at McCrae Lake this past weekend.  Thank you to the entire dog paddling team that accompanied us, it was such great fun.  Our pooch Ali was sooo tired after her romp, it was great!

Thank you again, looking forward to hearing from you.

Just wanted to thank all of you again for a great first trip.  We had  a wonderful time and I think the dogs may still be sleeping it off. As for me, the pain from paddling has not hit me yet but I am sure tomorrow I'll be feeling it.  can't wait to book again for a hike.

Have a great day!!!
Allyson Flynn

Donna, Thank you so much for the terrific dog paddling adventure you provided for Abbie and I, and all the other participants. It is a true testament to your abilities that we had a super time in spite of rainy weather. I'm looking forward to going on a paddling adventure again, next year. Best wishes for continued success,

Christina BTW, Abbie slept for two days when we returned. This is the first time since I adopted her almost two years ago that she's been too tired to move!

Christina A. Marshall

Hi Kathryn, Eren & Jessie!
This is Bridget Green & Nash. . We had a GREAT time - an absolute blast!. It was our first camping trip & I'm planning to do it again! (I do have to invest in better sleeping gear though). Dana was fabulous, she was fun, down to earth & taught us a lot! I ALMOST feel like I could camp on my own - almost.
Oh, you recommended the Stouffer Mill B&B- FANTASTIC! I've noticed this is the only excursion close to that B&B. So I may be a regular for the Haliburton Highlands or just go back to Stouffer Mill for a long personal retreat by itself.
Thanks again, I'm looking forward to the next summer!

Hi Eren,

Thanks for these great pictures, it sure was a memorable weekend!

Thanks so much,

Hi Kathryn:
I just want to let you know of how much I enjoyed the canoe trip.  It was very well organized.  Dana and her dog Cedar, were excellent  camp leaders/guides.  The whole experience was great.  The location was beautiful. 
I would like to thank Dana for making it such a wonderful experience, I am only sorry that my dog did not have the opportunity to enjoy it as well because of his foot injury.
Thank you,
Gudrun Hahn
Hello Kathryn/ Eren,
This was a fantastic adventure and thoroughly enjoyable, thanks to Dana and DPA (and the weather goddesses?!). Thanks very much and hope all is going well with you. Enjoy the rest of the summer! Thanks again, Karin & Kobe (a.k.a. an "Australian Frog-herd" now ;-)

Hi Eren,

Thank-you for the pictures - they are great! We had a nice time and look forward to joining in on a winter hike. 

Thanks for giving up your tent and sleeping bag for us. We are glad that we were on a guided hike and you knew what to do....we sure didn't.

Thanks again for a memorable trip!

Brenda, John & Griffie

Hello Kathryn

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed my week-end with Dana and the gang (humans and dogs...)

We have all agreed to exchange our email addresses to be able to get everyone's pictures, so you have my permission to share mine with the rest of the group and Dana, our wonderful guide :-)


We are the ones who want to thank you and Dana for a great weekend. We had an awesome time.  Morris is still recovering! Thanks too for the photos...they are great! Woof.....& ....Thanks a ton -
you've got a great company - we had a blast!

Morris & Susanne

Hi Kathryn,
I had a great trip... Again!  Thanks so much.  Dana was great and the group was really nice and fun.  Thanks for the pictures.  Please feel free to give my email address to others on the trip to share pictures and info.

Thanks again!

I just wanted you to know that Lady and I had the best time this weekend on our canoe trip with Dana as our guide. Dana made our trip!!!! The food was great, the guide was the best and gang of us had a great time. It's so nice to see the dogs having such a wonderful time with so much freedom to swim, run, hike and play. I would highly recommend this outing to anyone I know with a dog.

Thank you for everything.

My husband Rick, myself Erica, our dogs Lincoln and Oliver want to let you know that we had a absolutely fabulous trip in the Haliburton highland this past weekend (July21-23)!! Our guide, Donna, was just amazing and we are for sure going to be joining you again next summer for another trip to beautiful Canada. Please thank Donna for us and let her know that she made our trip very memorable. Thank you


Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our first canoeing adventure!
Again, thanks for the great day!
Lynn Lagroix & Brian Vanexe
Hi Kathryn,

Just returned from the Massasauga trip - what a great weekend! Great campsite, great food, great dogs and great people! Donna was a terrific guide and cook! Thanks again for the well planned trip.

Cindy Moore (& Andor)

Hey folks, Just wanted to say a big thank you for such a great time on our paddling trip to McCrae lake ... I think Cooper slept for about 4 days straight :) .

Thanks again!!
Take Care, Meghan & Derek

Spring 2006

I just wanted to thank you all for the great time Bear and I had on your Mono Cliffs hike on June 3. It was Bear's first time off-leash and he loved it. Donna and Kevin were great hike leaders. I couldn't have hoped for a better day and Bear still seems tired 2 days later!

Jim Dempster
Fremont, Ohio

Hello all!

Just wanted to thank Donna and Kevin for a wonderful hike on Saturday at Mono Cliffs.  Andor, my boxer, had a great time and had a great sleep after the full day of running and socializing.


Dear Kathryn,

I wanted to send you an email to let you know what a great time I had on my first Dog Paddling Adventures expedition.  My dog, Dupont, had the time of his life being able to walk with so many other dogs off leash with out being yelled at to come back or with me having to worry about him annoying someone.  The group leaders were outstanding and I wanted to extend to you what gratitude I have for Dana and Donna, forgive me if I don’t have their names right as I met so many people that day.  However the leaders were incredible, at one of our stops along the hike Dupont was playing tag with other dogs he went charging down a hill and got himself tangled in a wired fence.  I was frozen with fear and the reaction of the two guides was unbelievable, they were down the hill and had Dupont untangled so quickly you would have sworn they were right beside him when it happened.  Dupont was fine and continued to enjoy his day but as I’m sure like all the participants Dupont is like a son to me and my whole world and for your staff to assist the way they did and respond so quickly while I was losing my mind was just incredible.  And I want to thank you for a wonderful day and for having such wonderful people do the expeditions.

Dupont and I will definitely be signing up for future Dog Paddling Adventures.

Hi, Kathryn! 
Just wanted to let you know that Joan and Dupont and Chloe and I had the BEST time on Saturday!  It was really a great experience and we're looking forward to more hikes and hopefully a paddling weekend too. Nothing yet on any cancellations for the Women's Weekend?  Anyway, we were exhausted at the end of a perfect day and the dogs were too (which is the whole point when you have border collie mixes!)  Donna and Dana were great and all the dogs seemed to get along really well!  What I really loved was how people instinctively seem to look after each other's dogs, that was so cool!

Anyway, thanks so much and we will definitely be repeat customers!


Hi Kathryn, Eren and Jessie;
Hope all is well with you and yours - enjoyed a great hike yesterday to Forks of the Credit with Dana and Donna - wonderful guides. Beautiful country exploring an area I hadn't seen before (I'm a committed east ender - lol). Dog Paddling has been so wonderful for my Aimee, she is becoming more comfortable with the dogs each hike and I knows when we pack up the van to go off together!!
Thanks so much.
Looking Forward to the Mono Cliffs Hike.
Very Best Regards
Lee & Aimee.

Hi all,

just wanted to say we are so glad that our owners found out about Dog Paddling Adventures. We had a fantastic time!  Jessie and Cedar showed us the ropes and had a ball with all the other dogs as well.  Rockie has found out he really can swim so can't wait for the next adventure.

thanks for a great day
Cindy and Rockie


We had a great time on the hike on Saturday. Thanks for another wonderful day. I captured a couple of very nice pictures of other people's dogs, so I have attached them if you want to pass them along.

See you again!
Jennifer Deeks, RVT, RLAT (and Drake!)

Winter 2006

Hi Kathryn, Eren, Kailey and Jessie,

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for a lovely day of skijoring together in the bush by Seneca College. The setting was amazing so close to the city and the weather couldn't have been better. We were so very fortunate that day.
The other thing I (and Charlie) appreciated was your openess and acceptance and welcoming understanding attitude regarding Charlie and his extra exuberance as well as his breed issue. I felt comfortable among the group(more dog lovers!) yet was aware I had to do some managing of Charlie during the day for everyone's sake without making it a big thing. Sorry we didn't get skijoring with the pack in the aft as I thought it was the time to go your own way for a bit on the trail and Charlie wanted to Go, Go, Go!.

Either way was fine with us. Charlie had a blast and I really enjoyed the experience too.

All the best with your future endeavours and trips....
Charlie and Brenda.

Hi Kathryn, Eren, Kailey and Jessie,

What a great picture of Maggie! So funny!
Thanks so much for such a wonderful day on Saturday. It was great fun, and the dogs had the best time. Before I even pulled the car out of the parking area, they were both asleep!

Thanks Eren for the first aid you gave to Finn. He's completely healed, and back to his crazy ways.


Hi Kathryn,
I just wanted to write about how much I enjoyed yesterday.  Eren and Kevin were great.  We had a really good time.  i could have gone for hours more! (I think Eren realized that!!) I will definitely be joining you again soon. (Considering next weekends ski-joring.)
And I will be picking a paddling acventure also.  
Anyway, please pass it along. 


Hi Folks!
Really enjoyed the day, Feb. 18.  My friend's young Lab. came through and did a great job hauling me about!  Look forward to another go at it.

Fall 2005

Hi Jessie, Kathryn, Eren and Kevin!

Just wanted to let you know how much Henry and I enjoyed the workshop and
hike yesterday! Henry was absolutely exhausted and snored the whole 2 hours
home! :)

Can't wait to join you on one of your winter excursions! :)

Thanks again,
Felicia (and Henry!)

Hello to all,

I wanted to tell you how much Fred and I enjoyed our second walk with Dog Paddling Adventures. Fred's friend Zarrah who came along that day also wants to extend her thanks. It was a perfect day all round and we were pleased to have Kevan back as our trusty guide with Donna as a welcome new addition. Both the dogs were asleep before exiting the driveway - now if only that deal could extend to their owners! Looking forward to more walks ahead.

Thanks again for such a wonderful day of hiking and camaraderie.
Best regards,
Dale and Fred

Had a fabulous time on Sunday ... Scrumpy and Java were fast asleep for the ride home.







Hello Kathryn,

Jersey and I had a fantastic time on Saturday. I've never seen her have so much fun, or been so tired after a day of hiking. Both Donna and Kevin will attest to the fact that she is a true "explorer". I was thrilled that at the end of the hike, I hadn't lost my pup!

Of-course, I'd like to also thank Donna and Kevin for the great hike leaders that they are - they were super. In my rush to get out of there, I didn't get to shake their hand and say, "thanks."

See you on the 30th!


Hi Kathryn, Eren, and ALL,

Just wanted to take the time to let you know what a GREAT TIME TENSPOT AND I HAD ON THE HIKE, : ) and in your nice country!!! We were both a little sore Saturday night, and then a BIG sore yesterday morning. We were gone at about 8pm and slept until about 9:30! The Howard Johnson in Brampton was very nice, as well as the city being nice. We will surely be back.

Therese and Tenspot

Just wanted to thank you for a great hike yesterday!! Brindie, Kamik and Little were pooped - as were we!
Hope Jessie is healing from her "on the job" injury!

Thanks again
Robin & Brindie, Linda & Kamik & Little John.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for a great day. Finally...the hike wore Kyser out until the next day.I'm really glad that we went on this hike. I'm looking forward to doing it again, probably in the next year, maybe even one of the canoe trips.

Thanks again.
Gill and Kyse

Thanks for a super experience and for helping me look for Nanuuk when he went off for too long!! Looking forward to next week. Take care!


Hello Jessie,

I must tell you what a wonderful adventure Fred and I enjoyed on Saturday. It was a perfect day in all respects - good weather, interesting new people, great dogs, fabulous scenery and someone to make the lunch. I was pleased the hike was altered because I know we can now handle the challenge of a more rigorous hike although I spent Sunday on the couch! Your guides were friendly and careful of us all and I would enjoy walking with them again. This is a wonderful business and we hope to join you again.

Best regards,
Dale and Fred

Summer 2005

Woody and I had a great time. The group was a lot of fun and the dogs had an absolute blast. I should also let you know that Donna was absolutely amazing. I've been on organized trips before and she was by far the best. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, funny. We all loved her.
All in all a great time though - I would do it again. Thanks.


This trip was great! The dogs were feisty this weekend including Journey. But all the people got along very well and Donna was great! I admire her patience. I will defiantly see you guys soon

Jen & Journey

Hey, guys, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know Kari and I (and the boys, Patch & Buddy) had a great time this past weekend w/ Donna at Rain Lake on your three-day Algonquin canoeing/camping/hiking trip.


Hi Kathryn and Eren,

Georgia and I had a really fanastic trip and I have been raving about your company to my friends and family. Everything exceeded my expectations and I appreciate your hard work to make sure everything ran so smoothly. Also, Donna was great! She was very knowledgable and patience with us beginners (including Georgia!)

Jennifer and Georgia

Eren, Kevin & Jessie
Thanks for an awesome trip down the Madawaska. I think Hayley slept for a day and a half solid when we got back. Please see some selected photos attached and feel free to use any of them if you wish. We had a great time and are looking forward to another river next year.

Thanks again,
Andrew, Nancy & Hayley

I had a great time on our trip. Dana was a fabulous guide. I've made camp in the rain before and I know it's really a big drag. But Dana was so good about it. We had a good time in spite of the rainy weather on our first day. And throughout we had copious amounts of good food prepared
by Dana (with some assistance from a few sous chefs).
PS Sheena Lola has been sleeping almost constantly since we returned! Looking forward to a DPA trip in the fall or winter!!!
PPS what a treat to see that you've already updated your website with pics of our trip!


As always, Miko and I had a great time. We both arrived home dirty, tired, and happy. Dana was great – she was tireless carrying canoes, rescuing dogs, cooking gourmet meals and providing helpful camping tips. Food for thought (no pun intended) – the last couple of trips that I’ve been on, people have expressed some interest in a camp cooking expedition/lesson.


We had a wonderful weekend and couldn't have asked for anything more. From the moment we met our guide Donna, to getting our weary bones into the car to head back home, all our expectations were exceeded. An outstanding guide, excellent food, scenery beyond what we could imagine, great adventure and quality time with our chocolate lab all rolled into one! We are already making plans to join you again next year and have many friends anxious to sign on.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend! You provide an excellent service for us dog lovers and we look forward to joining you again!

Nadine, Herb and Pre

We had a fabulous time on our Family DPA trip. It was wonderful to share all those memories that will last a lifetime with you. I want to thank you for all the efforts that you put into the trip. I know that "Canoe Survivor" will go down in our family history as one of the best events. Casey misses Jessie already. It was great to see them together again. The pictures capture all the fun moments, and giggles. Lori & I do love to laugh. Kailey was such a delight on the trip. You have a wonderful family, great to see her involved.

Janet & Bill Loan

HI Kathryn

The experience was wonderful. It was my first canoe trip and I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect. The beginning was a little bit scary since our two big dogs were moving a lot. Soon after all four of us started to enjoy the paddling.

The location was wonderful. Quiet, no traffic or other campers we didn't have to worry about the dogs running away, the island idea was great. Kevin and Angela are very kind and good leaders of the group and it was a nice surprise to see the tents organized before we arrived, I would like to see them both in Alquonquin park in September.

Looking forward to the next one.

The canoe trip was fantastic... Yeao and I had a wonderful time and thank you for the pictures and little photo album. We had a great time and look
forward to 'adventuring' with you soon.

Sherri and Yeao
Toronto Ontario

Hello: Just a wee note to let you know what a great time I had in Algonquin.

Dana was fantastic! (calm in the face of yipping, snipping pooches!) I will continue to tell everyone I know what a wonderful company you have and how great your outings are.
Thanks again for a wonderful trip.

Agnes Vanderschoot (and Marshall)

Hi Kathryn, Just got back from the Algonquin trip guided by Dana. I want to let you know how much Ebony and I enjoyed ourselves. The group got along fabulously well as did most of the dogs. (Just one small doggy dominant session which Dana handled very well with no hurt feelings.)

Dana was very attentive to the needs of the group and equally professional.

The three days gave me just enough time to "rejuvenate" and unwind which I desperately needed. The paddle to our site was the right duration; long enough to make me feel as if I had accomplished something, yet not too taxing for a novice paddler.

 I will definitely be back next year. ( Thinking hard about the fall Rain Lake trip).

Another Paddle Adventures enthusiast
Ebony and Sondra

Pat, Pebbles and I had a wonderful time! When I first told my husband that I had signed us up he was skeptical but we all had such a good time that on the way back he was the first to say "Let's do that again next year!" and Pebbles and I agree!!
Thank you again for making it a fabulous day we won't forget :)


Please tell Dana what an excellent guide she was as i didn't have the opportunity to do so before we left. The meals were great, far better than i anticipated. Both myself and my Dad had a great weekend, thanks to all of you

Kara and Montana

I loved the location and the paddle was great! Thanks and I will see you in August .
P.S. Sita is STILL tired I think! She had so much fun, and she learned to swim!!!!!

Shannan & Sita

This was the best trip i have ever been on! I had so much fun and the guides Eren and Kevin were fantastic! I am booking more trips for sure! You guys are awsome! I can't even begin to tell you how i will never forget this! Thanks again for everything!!!

Lora & Chance

Winter 2005

Hi Eren, Kathryn, and Jessie,

Just wanted to tell you how much we really enjoyed the Mono Cliffs Hike during our trip to Canada. We are finally back home in Mississippi and were welcomed unfortunately by the sweltering heat of the south. Honey had the time of her life on the hike even though she was off leash only part of the time. We received the snapshots and album in the mail when we returned and were so surprised with the personalized album just for Honey. We have yet to print pictures from the video we took during the hike. It was so nice to meet owners of a truly pet friendly company that caters to an important member of our family. Thanks so much for the work you do for pets and their owners – we might have to join another hike during our next trip to Canada.
May God bless each of you!!

Gina, Denzil, and Honey Lobo

Dear Kathryn and Eren,

Thank you for the wonderful experience on the snowshoeing adventure; we all had a lot of fun. Our two pets (Baxter and Lily) got a great workout and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs at the same time. The whole adventure was very well thought-out with great snacks for both owners and pets, an outdoor fire-place, hot chocolate and interesting information about nature from Eren. The photos and the album were a nice touch and are very much appreciated.

Sean and I are looking forward to the next trip (I guess this time hiking).

Steve, Luna and I just wanted to thank you for the awesome experience with had with you on Saturday for the Snowshoeing and Nature Interpretation. You are very well organized and getting out with the other dogs and dog lovers was lots of fun.
We are looking forward to some spring hiking....see you then :-D

Best regards,
Andrea, Steve and Luna the Crazy Duck Toller :)

I just wanted to drop a note to say what a wonderful time my dad and I (and our two dogs)had. Both Chipper and Moli loved the adventure! You offer a first class service. It was really well organized; all the preparation, the day of and the follow up. We would defiantly like to stay in touch and be involved in future activities. Please keep us posted of any future events.
We loved the little photo albums. Very nice touch!

Once again thank you for such a great adventure.
Kathy Briggs - Chipper
Michael Bazient - Moli

Good morning Kathryn & Eren,
I just wanted to drop a message to thank you for the fantastic time that
Indy & I had skijoring on February 5th. Despite my apparent lack of skiing ability we both had a wonderful day in King City & came home absolutely exhausted and happy. I have to hand it to you, it's next to impossible to tire out a husky but Indy slept for two days when we got home! Eren & Donna's instructions & endless patience were truly appreciated. You both made me feel very welcome right from the start & didn't laugh once when I fell again and again (and again and again and again...).

Kathryn put on a delicious & filling spread for breakfast & lunch and Indy was thrilled at the available dog treats too! I just received my photos and album last night so I am happily showing them off around the office today. Thank you so much for those, that was a really nice touch.

I haven't seen Indy that happy in a long time & can't wait to skijor with him again & maybe even try him in a canoe this summer.

Thanks again,
Carolyn & Indy

We had a stellar time. Thank you both for organizing such a great event. I
enjoyed learning, the company, the friendliness of your staff and the others on the outing. I loved the yummy lunch (fab chili) and the wonderful atmosphere created by all. Niko is still sleeping... :)

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you both soon!

Hi All, Just a short note to tell you what a fabulous day I had on Sunday
last (actually I'm sure my enthusiasm was starting to wear a little thin). If
you are thinking of another whole weekend away similar to that on your
website I'd be interested.
In any case put me on your mailing list Ok.You guys rock.

Thanks Again

I do not know how to describe our experience yesterday; I do not think I can find all the right words. If I had to pick one, it would be SPECTACULAR. My husband, Craig, thoroughly enjoyed himself. Our two dogs, Jake and Riley, had the biggest adventure of their lives, and they were absolutely thrilled about their experience. Your organization is incredible!

Dog Paddling Adventures is something people might only have dreamt about and wished for such a place to exist. It was truly our good fortune to have discovered your organization at the All About Pet Show. I remember my first reaction; it was one of incredulity that such a place existed. It was too good to be true. However, the pictures in your photo album were proof that such a place certainly did exist. We kept seeing you at every show event that we attended over the next couple of years. We started spending more and more time checking your website and began dreaming of what it might be like to participate in one of your adventures. Our dogs do not get much of an opportunity to be with other dogs within the Mississauga suburbs, so we have to be very creative when it comes to socializing them. We had a lot of apprehension about other dogs, and what altercations may arise between them and our own dogs. Over time, we got braver about the possibilities, and we became so very drawn to the idea of taking one of your adventures. We are delighted that we did, and we plan on taking another adventure with you in the spring (hiking), then again in the summer (canoeing). We will definitely go skijoring with you again, but I have to practice a bit more first.

The staff are absolutely amazing people. They were so friendly and warm. I never thought I would get the basic skills for cross-country skiing so quickly. I have Kevin to thank for that. Both Kevin and Donna are so personable. Donna made us feel like we belonged from the moment we walked in the door of the lodge. Eren and Kathryn were equally impressive. It is an extremely well run organization. The behind the scene efforts of Kathryn were so wonderful. Her preparation and organization of the layout of food that would keep us all going throughout the day was so essential. You folks put on a wonderful spread of food all day long. Nobody was left wanting for anything. Eren did an great job of instructing and organizing the skijoring part of our grand adventure. We sure got our money's worth!!!!!!!!!!!!! There can be no doubt about it!

I will never forget my first time that I ever cross-country skied; it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, because I got to try it in a most unusual setting. I mean most people would not have tried it at a lodge filled with people and their dogs. I was thrilled to be a part of that day.

Thank you from me and my family, Craig, Jake and Riley.
We will see you soon!

Fall 2004

Kathryn, Eren and Jessie,
My sincerest thanks for the pics and album! A pleasant and welcome surprise!

I shared the pics with Trudeau and I had a great time and are eagerly looking forward to out next trip (or Dog First Aid if arranged)
We are considering the Introductory Skijoring or Snowshoeing and giving serious consideration to the Weekend Getaway! We will definitely be in touch!

Once again, thanks!
Denis& Trudeau

Kathryn et le gang,
I meant to drop you a line of thanks upon our return from Pigeon River. I can't remember Alice looking so happy probably ever, and she is generally a pretty happy pup. We both had a great time and Alice was into some serious snoozing by the time we got back to Toronto. I am sure we will meet again next year. I have also recommended your excursions to a friend, Paddy, who checked out your website and declared, "what fun!"
Thank you for the photos and album. Very sweet. All the best and thanks again.


Thank you for a very enjoyable day! It was my first experience with one of your hiking trips and I will certainly sign up for more next year. Kiley had a ball being off leash for the entire time, and was one tired dog by the time we made it home. She slept for the next two days.

Caroline & Kiley

Thanks for a great trip today!

-Anne Marie & Atomic & Vanessa & Molly

Hello Dogpaddlers; I really enjoyed the hike yesterday, despite the light rain. we had a good group, good dogs, good leaders, good food (too much for me) and I will be watching the web site for more fun and adventures!

Thanks Heather Sayle and Griffin

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful hike today. Hope you found Jessie and everything is alright.


Thank YOU! I had a great time and will recommend you to others. I will also be back to go on another hike. And Taku was very pleased too! Thanks and I look forward to doing it again...and so does  Taku.

woowooowooo!!! from him.

We are so glad to have come. For Luba,it was a day away from stress and the surrounding were beautiful and everyone was nice. Eren and Jeremy were very attentive and their skills with people was great. For myself, it took me a bit to get comfortable but once I got the hang off my "pack", I enjoyed myself immensely. But I will improve as I get to go on more of this getaways. I believe that Luba would like to sign us up for the Nov hike.

Hello Kathryn, Eren, Kailey and Jessie,

I just wanted all of you to know how much my mother (Carol) and Rhogan as well as myself (Julie) and Fanny enjoyed the hike on Saturday last. Even though we started in the rain the day turned out wonderful. The park is absolutely beautiful and it was wonderful being shown around by people who know it well!
Well done Eren and Kevin!! - you both made the day a great experience. I will definately be talking about your wonderful company to the "dog people" I know. Thanks for remembering the brochures - most have already been picked up by people, with more inquiries coming in. I'm
definately interested in another hike (need to confirm my schedule) and will be looking into the ski-joring (I need to talk to Fanny about that one - I don't think she'll argue about another day out.)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know we all enjoyed the day and I will be in contact asap re another walk if possible.

Yours sincerely,
Julie Smith

Hey everyone....
I would like to start off by sending a big Thank You!!! Brandy and I went on our first hike yesterday at the Mono Cliffs, very beautiful, (despite the rough/wet start!!) and had an amazing time!! You guys have a wonderful thing going....Good Luck and keep up the good work.

Great job you guys,
Heather & Brandy

Just wanted to let you know what a great time Abby and I had on your Copeland Forest Hike. Will you be having anymore hikes, or do you expect any more openings on the ones that are already booked up? I would love to try and bring my other dog out for a hike now that I know how much Abby enjoyed it!,

Thanks, Amy Hansen

Summer 2004

Hi Guys - Just wanted to thank you so much for an awesome day out yesterday. Our 1 day trip around McCrae Lake was the best. Everyone was so friendly and all the dogs got along fantastic. We would love to come back sometime and do an overnight trip. The lunch, drinks and snacks were wonderful. We really liked how you let us make the sandwiches ourselves!! Everything was perfect - lunch, the people, the weather!! I can see why you book so fast. You will get high recommendations from us for sure.
Take care - thanks again so much.


Just wanted to thank you for the pictures of our harbour front adventure. The one with the Toronto skyline in the background is a really great picture.

Cheyenne and I were a little nervous about all things canoeing, like getting in and out, staying afloat and being able to paddle. But, as always you helped us every step of the way and helped us have a great time.

This was a wonderful idea for an adventure and we hope your next Harbourfront paddle is just as great (perhaps with a little less liquid sunshine).

Since I am having trouble walking and wasn't able to go hiking this spring it was great for you to offer another type of adventure Cheyenne and I were able to try.

Thanks for another day of fun,
Janette and Cheyenne

I had a great time on the trip! I am so glad I went and got to experience it for myself. Donna and Kevin were fantastic and really made the trip informational and fun. I would definitely go again. I took some pics that I'll send you tonight from home. A couple are of Kevin that he may want to have.

Thanks again!
Cheryl & Abby

Nikita and I had a wonderful time! She especially liked her tent! I'll have to pick one up for her. We had a nice group of people on the trip and of course, Kevin and Donna were wonderful! It was a great weekend, despite the rain.

Thanks so much!
Julie & Nikita

Hello Kathryn,

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the awesome pictures and photo album! I just got them in today and was "over the moon" with them! Great shots! I think that is really really nice for you guys to be sending those out, what a great suprise. I took some photos of my own with a waterproof disposable, but really appreaciated the shots that Eren and Kevin got. Dog owners do love those shots of us and our dogs!

Sorry that I didn't drop you a note earlier to say what a great time Dooley and I had at McCrae Lake. I was 10 times what I imagined it would be. Great weather, great people and an all round blast! Dooley was bushwacked for the whole next day! My only regret is that I didn't find out about you guys sooner!

Kevin mentioned that you may be possibly adding a fall camping (2day) trip, could you let me know if you do? We both had such a great time on the one day, that we'd love to go again...but for longer next time!

Anyways I can't thank you enough for the unexpected gift. It will be cherished for a long time to come, and certainly will put a smile on my face bringing back very good memories of a great day!

Take care,
Terry Semple & Dooley

Emma, Seth, and I had a wonderful time!! We wouldn't change anything about the day (well maybe the weather a little bit, but that just added to the excitement). The canoeing was great and the stops we made were fabulous. We (well maybe just me) learned a lot about Toronto that we did't know before. We can't wait to go on another Toronto Paddle!!

Hi...Had a fabulous time!!! Even the rain was fun. Casey is unable to answer the survey today, because she cannot pull herself out of bed!!!!! Tooo tired. She loved seeing Jessie again. At least she did not leap out of the canoe, and I hope her singsong was enjoyed by everyone!!!! Congratulations to Kevin for a great idea and a well organized event. Providing the private areas for the dogs to have some off leash play time is very important and I am glad that it was available at the Island. The canoe was fabulous for this event. Thanks for a great day.

We will see you again in the fall. Janet

Hello Kathryn & Eren:

Thanks for organizing such a fun weekend of canoeing, swimming and camping. I thoroughly enjoyed myself as did Kara, although she could work on her manners as far as being possessive with sticks etc. :-)

Hi to Jessie.

Bye for now,

Hello Kathryn, Eren, Kailey & Jessie,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful time Nicci, Ursula, and I had this past weekend. We had a blast. Driving up in holiday traffic during a downpour, I kept asking myself, “What am I doing?” However, once I meet Eren I had complete confidence that whatever happens, Eren would be able to handle the situation and I relaxed (well, not sure how relaxed I appeared to be but, for me, I was relaxed). The weather cleared and it couldn’t of been a more enjoyable weekend.

Ursula matured so much through a multitude of new experiences and interactions with the other dogs; Nicci enjoys any outing, regardless of what sort of activity; Both enjoyed canoe-level food preparations, perhaps a little too much. As for me, I love the water and have never swum in such pristine water with such spectacular scenery and privacy before in my life. It was my first camping trip since a bicycle trip to Scotland with a friend in 1986. I recognize that incredible hard work is required to make things appear so effortless and casual and deeply appreciate your commitment and standards of excellence (part of my job entails event planning). I hope Eren’s back has improved?

With a thankful heart and wonderful memories,

Dear Kathryn, Eren, and Jessie,

I wanted to say thank you SO much for a wonderful trip this past weekend at Massasauga. Thanks to Kathryn for your cheerful and ever-ready answers to all my anxious pre-trip questions, to Eren for a great trip and unfailing hard work, good humor, and patience with my wayward canoe-jumpers Anka and Lola, (though I see it now documented on the website that they did stay in
the canoe at last!)

They, and I, had a wonderful time; it couldn't have been better, thanks to all your planning and competence with every aspect of the trip. We will definitely be back, if you will have us. I am telling everyone I know about you guys; you are all the best!

And Jessie is the coolest canoe guide ever!

Thanks again, and best regards to all.
Robin, Anka, and Lola

Many thanks for the great day, we were pooped! We'll be in touch regarding a fall walk.

Carol, Peter and Donny

I have never been on a canoe trip before...actually as I was driving up I thought...gee I haven't even been in a canoe for 35 years...ah...small detail. Donna's competence as a guide...and great sense of humour put me at ease ...and in large part because of this positive first canoe experience I definitely plan to take some lessons so I actually know what I'm doing. That and the fact I discovered that C-Moss wants to lie at the stern ...not in the bow...makes me realize I'd better get proficient!!

The group was great...the doggies...all different personalities were great. C-Moss spent alot of her weekend off paddling by herself...interesting insight for me...didn't realize how independent and a bit of a loner she really is...she actually put herself to bed in the tent at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday...and stayed there...even tho I went to bed at 10:00 p.m.!

I just dropped my film off...and will get back later today...can't wait to see the pix.

Trailhead, one of the major outdoor stores in Kingston wanted me to report back to them about my adventure because they said they'd be happy to promote you on their bulletin board. Could I recommend your business...absolutely.

Looking forward to another Dog Paddle Adventure

Joanne and C-Moss

My dog and I had a wonderful time on the July23-25 trip to Algonquin Park. Donna Steele and her dog, Rosie, were a significant part of the weekend's success. Donna's welcoming and inclusive manner helped the group bond quickly. She is a wealth of information varying from dog behaviour and canoeing skills to environmental knowledge and gourmet cooking over a campfire. I would definitely go on another multi-day trip.

Laurie & Perri

Hi Y,all
Thanks again for wonderful trip to Haliburton July 17,18. You guys have come up with a great idea adventuring with the dogs. Dont forget me next year as I am definitely repeat customer!
Thanks for the photos. I received them yesterday and they were a great hit at work. The staff voted the dogs in the canoe with lifejackets as the best pic.

I have a couple good photos of Gails 'Leonnberger' (I forget his name) and also of Cody. If i send them to you can you forward them for me. We didnt exchange addresses.

Anyways thanks again and see you next year.
Kathy and Milo

oh! goodness! what a nice surprise that was, to come home and a package is waiting for us!

the album is gorgeous and the photos superb; what beautiful memories... they have also encouraged two other couples to sign up for a paddling adventure, believe it or not... and next year, we are BACK! whohooo!

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend, and hats off to you for putting together such a flawless operation - very professional but with a lot of heart and warmth. We had the time of our lives (believe it or not, despite the groaning!) ha ha

You guys are the *best*!

Hope to see you soon again... hugs to everyone, aroooo!

Anick, Andre & Dakotah :-)

Hi Jessie, Kathryn and Jessie! We had a great time and the pooches quite agreed! Thanks again!

Angela & Roger

A big woof and gchii-miigwetch (big thanks!) from quinzee and gail. Never having given up "total" control of trip planning before - I was somewhat apprehensive - like I said at the campsite - wonder if they have bandaids!!! Wow - what great planning and execution of a trip though!!
I felt totally safe and secure and had no worries about the dogs!! We lucked out totally on the weather and everyone did a fantastic job pitching in. The food was totally awesome, and I really felt comfortable doing my own thing when I needed to (quiet time!!) and being part of a great group of people.
You have an awesome company and we will be back!! Thanks again so much for a great weekend. Quinzee was sooooo tired - but he wants more!!! Have great "rest of the summer.
It was a real pleasure meeting you all - Jessie, Eren and Kathry n and Kailey (through pictures!!)

quinzee and gail

Hi Kathryn, Eren & Jessie,
All of us want to thank you very much for making this trip such fun. Eren is a hero, and Ilya wants to be just like him when he grows up. Adaption to the civilization was rewarding, but we already miss our time spent together. Please stay safe and in touch.

Ilya, Soraya & Laska


Many thanks fro a great time in Massassauga. The ride home was a bit kooky, but must have been worse for you -- was able to take back roads south from 169, making it only a 5.5 hour trip home, (Doh!!)

Connor and Mocha and Jasper and I all had a wonderful time-- Connor is still talking about George and Bob as well as all his pooch friends. Thanks especially Eren, for the time you took to make Connor feel so welcome and special!

Hope the rest of your summer (including your family holiday) is awesome!

Diesel and I had so much fun canoing.Donna and Eren were wonderful, the other people were great! It was super to see my shy little guy having such a good time. Thank you!!!

A special thanks to all of you for making my weekend grrrrrreat! I am still recuperating. I slept and slept for the rest of the weekend, best workout I have had in a long time. The photo attached is me during the drive home, but I don't remember too much about it.

A special thanks to our leaders for the canoe lessons and we look forward to coming back again.

Also, Krista & Andrew

Spring 2004


What a pleasant surprise. The mail came today and there were pictures from our recent hike with Dog Paddling Adventures. I want to thank you for the pictures and the pleasant thoughts that returned about how wonderful the hike was for me, my friend Chris and our dogs, Chloe and
Lisa Marie. The pictures were a real treat and once again I thank you for them.

Carolyn & Chloe (who I think had a blast on the hike)

Hi everyone !
I just received Tara's photo album and the photos. Thanks so much ! We had so much fun!!! We can't wait to go on our canoe trip in September. We will join you for hikes in the fall as well ! We had such a wonderful time.

See you soon,
Sonia and Tara

Thanks guys, as usual we had a blast!! Thanks for all the help with the stroller too - I know it's a huge pain. My friend saw Seth afterwards and thought he was medicated!! Thanks for the pics too - they're great!

Kelly, Emma, and Seth

Kathryn, they are perfect and so was the hike - best one so far. I guess I won't be seeing you guys until September so thanks again.

Lana & Darius

Hello Gang,

Well we all enjoyed our dog adventure today at Mono Provincial Park, I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, us, or Tobi and Tarra.
You guys certainly arranged everything right down to every detail and made quite a fun and adventures day for all.

Thank you
P.S. Both dogs are passed out sleeping still, haha
Lori Card

Kathryn, Eren & Kevin.

Guys - that was the best - thank you so much for the effort you put in - a wonderful guided tour, well organized, as well as your patience with dogs and people and the wonderful lunch (that includes all the snacks). I really enjoyed myself, whoops Darius really had a good time as well.

See you in May.
Lana McKinnon

Hello from Jen and Ally!

We had a great time on Saturday. I can't believe how well Ally did. She's still sleeping it off! Haven't put my pics on the computer yet but if there are any good ones I'll send them to you.
You mentioned that there may be spaces available on another hike. We'd love to go on the one with the most swimming opportunities!

Thanks again,

Dear Kathryn , Eren and Kevin,
Just a note to thank you for the wonderful day. I was very impressed with your organization, love of nature and dogs! Zora has now recovered - I think she ran 50 km! Looking forward to any photos. I'll send you any that work out. Hope to register for another trip soon!
Thanks again,
Lydia and Zora



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